Redefining Digital Ink
Customized digital ink solutions —
nano-fluid & delivery technology for
digital ink platforms of any size and
perfomance capability!
K-MICR Series
Magnetic Inkjet Ink (MICR)
UV/IR Invisible Ink
Dye/Hybrid Ink
Pigment Ink
Specialty Ink
Non-sedimenting Magnetic
Nano Particle dispersions
Office Inkjet
Color Inkjets for general purpose
documents, images/photos,
check printing and more
Commercial/Production Inkjet
High-speed — production —
wide format inkjet presses
Industrial Inkjet
Inkjet printing on special
substrates and objects
Textile Inkjet
Digital inkjets for clothing,
wall/floor surfaces
Food Inkjet
Digital inkjet print on food items
Diversified Nano Solutions Corporation (DNSC) is a leading producer of x-nano inks for digital inkjet printing platforms.
x-nano™ MICR ink is the preferred choice fof the leading inkjet printer manufacturers - more
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